Our Story...

     My name is Zachary Stack and I live in a beautiful village called Orland Park, Illinois. I am currently a junior at Marist High
School where I am on the Dean’s list in the Honors/AP Program with a 5.86 GPA. Since the early age of 4 years old, my
community and my parents have provided me the opportunity to play the greatest sport that America has to offer--baseball.
I played recreational baseball until the age of 7. When I turned 8, I was lucky enough to advance my young career and play
in our village’s travel program. I have been, and continue to be, a proud Orland Park Warrior. Unfortunately, the village
that I call home does not offer this opportunity to all of its residents. Despite two well-maintained baseball complexes, there
is not a baseball field that is tailored to athletes with physical and mental impairments.
     Along with my younger sister, I have created a foundation entitled OP Baseball 4 ALL. I have met with elected village
officials in Orland Park and proposed building a baseball field in my community to address the lack of facilities specifically
designed for individuals with disabilities. I spoke in front of village board on July 6th, 2017 at their monthly board meeting to discuss my foundation and get their approval. The field would be specially surfaced and be ADA compliant in all aspects of the
complex. The village has graciously granted me the land for not only a baseball field, but also for the construction of restroom
facilities for my endeavor. This land is part of one of the existing baseball complexes. How wonderful it would be to have
these athletes competing in a baseball game along side of their peers! It would also allow the athlete’s parents, grandparents,
and friends to be able to watch fellow sibling’s baseball games at the same time.
     I have assembled a Board of Directors, Student Advisory Board, and Honorary Advisory Board. Each of these boards
consists of dedicated adults and students who are fully committed to raise the funds to make this dream become a reality.
Together we have a goal of raising $1,500,000. This would cover all of the estimated expenses where were outlined in our
attached rendering design.
     OP Baseball 4 ALL is a non-profit project. All donations are tax-deductible under Section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue
Code, as the construction of such a field is carrying out a public purpose. One of the many aspects of the foundation’s plan
to raise funds is to reach out the individuals, organizations, and corporations and ask for financial support.
     Throughout the past two years, OPBaseball4all has had a variety of successful fundraisers. We held a Ladies Night Out at the Orland Park Civic Center, held a Trivia Night at 94 West, held fundraisers at local restaurants for grand openings and anniversaries, have been supported by the Orland Park firefighters and Kiwanis Club, and have held a tent at the Taste of Orland the past to years. Without my team's support and involvement, these fundraisers would not have been as big of a success. We will continue to fundraise and spread the word until construction is completed and the first pitch is thrown out.